FREE Online Training
The 3-Step Process To Take Control of IBS
Learn how to remove embarrassing moments without resorting to bland food, taking expensive medication, or going hungry in the process


Tuesday, October 23rd

4-5pm Pacific / 6-7pm Central / 7-8pm Eastern / 9-10am (Tues.) Sydney
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Live Training Starts In...

Julie O'Hara

FODMAP Diet Expert and 
Founder of Calm Belly Kitchen
 Are you tired of feeling like your body has turned against you? Then this free training is for you.
In the free live training, you'll learn...
  •  The one thing that is just as important as diet for keeping IBS under control.
  •  How you can relax at meals with family and friends instead of worrying about an awkward dash to the bathroom.
  •  Why filling up on raw fruits and veggies might be making your symptoms worse.
  •  What to eat to soothe your belly--without being hungry all the time.
  •  Why you probably don't have to ban gluten and dairy (and what you SHOULD avoid instead).
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